1. June 2023

From the void came gifts of the cosmos

From the void came gifts of the cosmos
Photo and notes: courtesy of Ibrahim Mahama

The artistic director of this year's Biennale Ibrahim Mahama has invited a complex council of curatorial entities to conceive the Biennale. Exit Frame Collective, Alicia Knock, Selom Koffi Kudjie, Inga Lace, Beya Othmani and Patrick Nii Okanta, follows Mahama's curatorial direction, inspired by a long-term interest in the promise of the affirmative and emancipatory politics of Ghana's first president, Pan-African theorist Kwame Nkrumah. His vision inspired the creation of an intellectual, cultural, scientific and economic infrastructure, which also included the work of architects, designers, structural engineers and urban planners from the former Yugoslavia.

From the void came gifts of the cosmos reflects on the entanglements of built environments, infrastructures and materials with the modern histories of anti-colonial and anti-imperial struggle, nationalism, internationalism and their contemporary echoes.

The Biennale raises questions about the forms of life that inhabit these infrastructures today, reflecting on the void created by past political failures and their potential to serve as a breeding ground for diverse relationships based on solidarity, friendship and intimacy.

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