Christian Guerematchi

Črni Tito – Blaq Tito Addressing the Parliament of Ghosts, 2022, short film, accompanied by performative intervention and installation of scenography and costume

Christian Guerematchi
Christian Guerematchi, Blaq Tito Addressing the Parliament of Ghosts, 2022. Photo: OBL Studios.

Črni Tito – Blaq Tito Addressing the Parliament of Ghosts is an artistic interaction between the solo-performance NAM – Non-Aligned Movement by Christian Guerematchi with the Parliament of Ghosts – the artistic work by Ibrahim Mahama in Tamale, Ghana. Both works talk about forgotten histories and their interaction acknowledges the contemporary echoes of the cultural connections from the time of the NonAligned Movement between Ghana and Yugoslavia – Nkrumah and Tito. The persona of Blaq Tito is inspired by Guerematchi’s childhood in Yugoslavia, where Tito was famous for his travels and collaborations with countless African countries. The story of the Non-Aligned Movement is the story of Guerematchi’s father who studied in Slovenia (back then Yugoslavia) and was part of an almost utopian migration story from the time of the Cold War. The Red Clay Studio art space, where the Parliament of Ghosts is situated, creates the perfect backdrop with its forgotten airplanes and artistic architecture. Blaq Tito – himself a ghost from a forgotten past – addresses the parliament of memories with an epic monologue in which past and present as well as Africa and Europe become one.

B. 1981, Maribor, Slovenia. Lives and works in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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