Galle Winston Kofi Dawson

Kofi Dawson Archive (1966–2019), prints (various printmaking techniques; print on paper and wood)

Galle Winston Kofi Dawson
Galle Winston Kofi Dawson, Two sperms, 2016, silkscreen. Photo: Ernest Sackitey.

The works of Galle Winston Kofi Dawson cover a wide range of media. Painting, sculpture, printmaking, collage, etc. They are stand-alone works or unusual combinations with different iterations. He experimented with many tools and materials that came to hand, that he found or sought. Bricolage seemed to guide many of the experiments in his pursuit to make art. Dawson created naturalistic, idealistic or anamorphic images with light-hearted themes and in most cases a surreal touch, using silkscreen inks on supports such as paper or canvas. They also feel as if they were stamped on the support with the help of a carved block. The output often varies. Diversity or difference in the rendition of the image fascinated him as many of his works have a feel of repetition and slight variation. He did not seek perfection in output. The images have bleed marks, smudges or stains.

1940–2021. Lived in Accra, Ghana.

International Centre of Graphic Arts
Grad Tivoli, Pod turnom 3
SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
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