Selasi Awusi Sosu

The Songs of Labour, 2023, installation (audio); Nkruumah brebereee, one cedi’, 2023, installation (video); Incising Nkrumah into Our Present, 2023, sculpture (glass tablets)

Selasi Awusi Sosu
Selasi Awusi Sosu, Glass Factory II, 2019. Video still. Photo: Selasi Awusi Sosu.

Early morning, afternoon and evening. Three different times of day that absorb and echo life in the city. The repetition of chants, songs, prayers, shouts, wails and other sounds from the streets of Accra, Winneba and other cities of Ghana fill the air and seem to be automatically generated from the bodies busy squeezing a day’s wage out of the tough life in the city. They are the non-playable figures of the economy, rather, the labour force of the informal sector. Sosu wonders how silent the old factories set in the early post-independent Ghana can be while pondering on the whispers of human and second-generation machines that reverberate as she spends time in these ruins. She can only fathom the clinking and shattering of glasses as well as the humming of the flames and/or the loud voice of the labourers in the Tarkwa glass factory. To make all these experiences sound like art, she creates a moment with waves, vibrations, frequencies and moving images, and adds glass tablets with inscriptions of the late Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. A reminder that although we live in this dystopia, the vision was to reinvent it.

B. 1976, Kumasi, Ghana. Lives and works in Accra and Winneba, Ghana.

International Centre of Graphic Arts
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