Sreda v sredo (SVS)

Žiga Artnak: Science Fiction II, 2023, and Science Fiction III, 2023, intaglio mixed media; Urban Cerjak: Fruit Bowl of Animals 3, 2022, and Fruit Bowl of Animals 4, 2023, intaglio mixed media; Matic Flajs: Fossilisation 2, 2023, intaglio mixed media, Fossilisation 3, 2023, mixed media, Heartbreaks, 2023, and Cactus, 2022, intaglio mixed media

The mystery of printmaking is the idea of repetition. This essence, which is much more than anything else in the medium, is that which pretends to be the same as another thing while losing the quality of the original in favour of wider accessibility – the effect of the print. SVS focuses on the sharing of this artistic production, which is on the verge of being phased out with the advent of rapid reproduction systems. The work behind the image remains hidden. It is the joy of getting to the print with the old methods after long hours spent on it. In their basement studio, the group produces mainly intaglio prints, along with other graphic works. Each member has their own approach and style. For the collective, the point is to demystify the process that seems daunting to new learners in such a way that a new skill is acquired and an image is gained through certain losses. Colour spills, ink blots, unwanted dirt, fingerprints, medium transfer marks, etc.

Sreda v sredo (SVS) [Wednesday group] was founded in 2019 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, where it is based.

International Centre of Graphic Arts
Grad Tivoli, Pod turnom 3
SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
t: +386 (0)1 241 3800


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